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Scope of application

It can satisfy the dry and mass production of vegetable materials such as root, stem, leaf, block, flake, large grain and so on. Meanwhile, the nutrition and color of the products can be retained to the maximum extent.

Typical materials for drying are: garlic slice, pumpkin, carrot, konjac, yam, bamboo shoot, horseradish, onion, apple, etc.


The drying area, wind pressure, air volume, drying temperature and net belt can be adjusted to meet the characteristics and quality requirements of vegetables.

According to different characteristics of vegetables, different process water flow and necessary auxiliary equipment are used.


Multilayer dryer is a kind of drying equipment which is produced in batch and continuous production. The main heating methods include electric heating, steam heating, hot air furnace heating and gas heating.Its main principle is to put the material evenly spread in the net, net belt with 12-60 steel mesh belt, the driving device drag moving back and forth inside the drying machine, hot air in the materials passing through, the water vapor from the eduction in the platoon is wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying, the body length is made up by the standard section, in order to save space, the dryer can be made into multi-layer type, there are two common room three, two room five layers, four room five, four room seven layers, etc., the length of the 6-40 m can be customized, the effective width of 0.6 3.0 m.

Multi-layer dryer is based on the traditional mesh belt drying machine research and development of special equipment, has strong pertinence, practicality, high energy efficiency, is widely used in all kinds of regional and seasonal vegetables, fruit dehydration and dry.According to the characteristics of the required drying products, the user process requirements, combined with the accumulated experience over the past decades, designed and produced the most suitable and high-quality vegetable drying equipment for users.

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Equipment structure:

By horizontal cylindrical cylinder, exhaust pipe, feeding device, discharge device, cylinder spiral device, cleaning device, dial plate, lead the wind device, transmission device and dust removal equipment and electric control equipment.

Performance characteristics:

1. Solve the problem of water vapor returning to the material after the system temperature is reduced in the same movement process caused by the downstream dehumidification of the traditional drying machine;

2. During the drying process, the hot air flow moves from the tail forward, and fully engages with the material, making full use of heat conduction, convection and radiant heat transfer;

3, pass heat directly to the material, make the material moisture to evaporate in the cylinder body are constantly being, into the mouth of the wind device take out a large number of moisture, wet, prevent secondary pollution caused by the dust outside;

4. The whole drying process is accomplished through the internal spiral stirring, scavenging, copying plate and pushing the material movement.

5. Reverse flow dehumidification to avoid reducing repetitive drying procedures.

Telephone: 13562615538 li liangcai.

The vegetable dehydrating dryer is composed of the main parts, such as feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and dehumidifier.

Drying machine is working, the cold air through the heat exchanger heating, by adopting scientific and reasonable way, make the hot air passing through the bed was dry on the surface of the material is uniform, for heat and mass transfer in the body of each unit under the action of heat flow in the circulation fan of hot air circulation, the final discharge high humidity in the air at low temperature, finish the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently.

Note: 1, the standard specification of the mesh belt dryer feed material, intermediate stage, the stage three series, ensure the vegetables dehydration dry production process requirement, improve production, effective guarantee product quality.

Company location:

1. After the installation of the equipment, provide free guidance and training to the operators appointed by your company, so that they can master the operation method of the equipment and carry out general maintenance.

2, in equipment acceptance, as of the date of delivery of products to provide one year free warranty, (except including natural damage parts, electrical components, such as personnel belong to your company due to improper operation caused by damage, after consultation charge appropriate materials).After the expiration of the warranty period, our company will provide a permanent guarantee for the product, which will be charged only for the appropriate cost and free of labor.

3, in order to ensure the operation of your equipment to achieve the ideal effect, but also to save maintenance cost for our company, during the warranty period guarantee regularly with professional and technical personnel to carry out repair and maintenance products.

4. When the equipment fails, we are informed by your company, and timely make the transfer arrangement to the site for maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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