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Gas-fired soup barrel


Features of energy saving soup barrel equipment:

It also has the functions of cooking, braising, cooking and halogen

You can use gas, gas, etc

No electrical appliances required

It has super heat preservation and heat storage function

It has the effect of 30 to 50% more than the traditional product energy saving festival

The effect of a burning stove, the burning cost of coal

It is extremely convenient to use safety

The maintenance rate is almost zero by program

New product, foolproof operation

Improve kitchen environment, save time and improve work efficiency

Energy saving soup barrel application field:

Suitable for steaming, boiling, cooking soup, cooking porridge, rice porridge, brine processing, medicinal materials processing, boiling water, food preservation, high temperature cleaning, high temperature disinfection, etc.It is the traditional flat - head furnace, low - soup kitchen - - - tongtong mode and large - cooker replacement products.

It is applicable to the catering industry, schools, hospitals, troops, office canteen, cooked food processing, food processing enterprises, brewing and braising, etc.Especially for long time, stews, boiled users, etc...(for example: mutton soup, beef soup, donkey meat, roast chicken, pig's feet, pig's face, duck neck, tripe, etc.)

Product pictures

After-sales service

1. After the installation of the equipment, give free guidance to the operators designated by your company, so that it can master the operation methods and general maintenance of the equipment.

2, in equipment acceptance, as of the date of delivery of products to provide one year free warranty, (except including natural damage parts, electrical components, such as personnel belong to your company due to improper operation caused by damage, after consultation charge appropriate materials).After the expiry of the warranty, our company will provide a permanent warranty on the product, which will only be charged for the proper cost of the product and the labor fee.

3, in order to ensure the operation of your equipment to achieve the ideal effect, but also to save maintenance cost for our company, during the warranty period guarantee regularly with professional and technical personnel to carry out repair and maintenance products.

4. When the equipment fails, we are informed by your company to make timely transfer arrangements to the site to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

About us

Zhucheng kaicheng yangjae day machinery factory, located in shandong province zhucheng, mainly the production of food machinery, the specialty is engaged in the meat processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing machinery and all kinds of stainless steel auxiliary equipment research and development and manufacturing, product marketing throughout the country, now has all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, can meet the needs of different users.

The company mainly produces products: meat processing equipment, meat filling machine, chicken fillet, slicing machine, cut machine, roll kneading machine, chopped mix machine, saline injection machine, filling machine, enema machine mixing, meatballs pipelining, Fried, marinating, cleaning, pasteurization and other complete sets of production line, potato chips, potato chips processing equipment, low temperature vacuum frying machine, automatic machine, fruit and vegetable cleaning (peeling) cutting processing equipment, cleaning/peeling potatoes shred/section/equipment, washing basket machine wash bag machine, fruit and vegetable bubble cleaner, brush cleaning machine, fruit and vegetable drying drying equipment, clean vegetables processing line, garlic processing complete sets of equipment, mixing materials equipment, such as chicken feet peeling line dozens of varieties.Business customers are in large and medium-sized cities all over the country, and at the same time export to: the United States, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, north Korea, Russia, Egypt and other countries.

The company is the research and development, manufacturing, production, sales as a whole, the comprehensive strength of enterprises, the annual sales of the industry ranks high.Zhucheng kaicheng liangliang machinery, based on the principle of good faith management, with the purpose of "good faith, quality first, service guarantee".The installation, debugging and after-sales service are a long way to remove the worries of users.Good to join hands with you!

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