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High efficiency machine

Process customization yes brand liangcai Model Custom
 Sterilization equipment type Scraper type Scope of application Tea restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, bakery equipment, coffee shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, food shop equipment, Western-style food shop equipment, factory equipment, seasoning processing factory equipment, fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, frozen food factory equipment, meat processing plant equipment, leisure food factory equipment, other Marketing  Special Offer
Specifications 12M

Equipment profile

Scope of application

The device is suitable for low temperature below 100 DEG C for packaging vegetables, meat products, and milk, leisure food, cans, glass bottles, pickled vegetables, seasoning packet and jellies (boiling water) continuous sterilization and cooling.

Introduction of main parts and functions of equipment

1. the equipment tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The frame structure is not easy to deform, and conforms to the national food production safety standard.

2.. The equipment adopts watertight sealing cover to prevent the steam from overflowing and scald the operators. Meanwhile, the product is kept warm and the sterilizing temperature is uniform.

3., both ends of the equipment adopt frequency conversion reducer, and the intermediate frequency converter takes over, which drives the drive shaft to pull before pulling and reduces the pulling force of the transmission so as to make the conveyer belt run. Thus, the utility model can save energy by 60%, and can also reduce the pulling force of the mesh belt and prolong the service life.

4., conveyor belt can be based on customer product conditions, the use of stainless steel chain network, stainless steel chain plate and PP chain plate three. The conveyor chain network (chain plate) on both sides can increase the wear, to prevent the chain into the chain plate on both sides of the inner product.

5. steam heating system is mainly composed of automatic temperature control valve, stop valve, manual fine tuning valve, temperature sensor, display screen and so on. The equipment adopts steam heating, the temperature of the water reaches the preset temperature rapidly, which is beneficial to save energy and reduce noise, and the service life is relatively long. The temperature indicator can adjust the size of the steam, thus ensuring the temperature difference of the temperature in the tank is small, and the sterilizing effect is uniform. The temperature sensor can monitor the temperature value in all directions.

6., the water cycle from the discharge end to the feed end of the cycle, so that sterilization temperature is more balanced, in front of the circulating water pump with a filter system to prevent impurities in the tank into the pump, long time in the sterilization (cooling) tank cycle.

7., the equipment has a separate control PLC control system, simple operation, easy maintenance.

8. the top of the equipment is equipped with a wet outlet, which can effectively remove the heat flow caused by water vapor.

The 9. section cooling device is equipped with air bubble Gulang mode of operation, in the product delivery process reduces the surface temperature, not only effect flattening of the products, to avoid the accumulation of products caused by uneven cooling, two can also be used for cleaning of the surface of the product.

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Device pictures

After-sale service

1. after the installation of the equipment, your company designated the operator for free guidance training, so that it can master the operation of equipment and general maintenance.

In 2, the acceptance of the equipment on the date of delivery, to provide one year free warranty of products (including natural damage parts cost, except in the case of electrical components, the company personnel due to damage caused by improper operation of the consultation charge the appropriate fee). After the expiration of the warranty, our company provides a permanent warranty on products, only the appropriate cost, free labor costs.

3, in order to ensure that your company equipment to achieve the desired effect, but also in order to save my company's maintenance costs, during the warranty period to ensure that professional and technical personnel are regularly sent to the product repair and maintenance.

4, when the equipment failure, we received your notice, timely mobilization arrangements, rushed to the scene maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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