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Potato four grader

Process customization yes type Fruit picking machine  brand Other
 Model Custom power 1.5(kw) Voltage 380(V)
Outline size 4000*1500*1500(mm) Product use Separate fruits and vegetables  Net weight 1000(kg)
 Packing According to customer requirements Scope of application Fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, frozen food plant equipment, snack food factory equipment, brewery equipment, Western food shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, tea restaurant equipment, coffee shop equipment Marketing New

 Product description Zhucheng City Kai Liang Machinery

Item name: fruit picking machine

Material: stainless steel

Item number: TS-F250

Power source: 380V/50HZ

Power: 3kw

Production: 1000-1500KG/H

Overall size: 3600 * 1050 * 850mm

Net weight: 220KG

Gross weight: 325kg

Other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, such as 4.2 meters, 5 meters, etc..

A fruit machine: roller type and drum type two, the equipment consists of lifting, sorting out the fruit of two parts, roller conveyor, sorting according to the size of the diameter of the sorting of fruits and vegetables, the drum is increased from hole hole diameter progressive composition,. Drum round hole size can be customized according to the actual size of the fruit required.

Two 、 apple and orange sorting machine device structure is simple, compact structure, sturdy, beautiful appearance, light and durable. The utility model has the advantages of multiple functions, wide application range, high sorting efficiency, simple operation, low power consumption, low noise, no injury to the fruit, flexible movement and convenient maintenance. Widely used in fruit growers, orchards, fruit companies, fruit and vegetable production base, as well as fruit and vegetable cooperatives.

Three, our continuous integration of the latest foreign fruit and vegetable processing technology, the full realization of the advanced technology and professional design and manufacture of fruit and vegetable processing production line equipment, the optimum choice to design, cost-effective equipment manufacturing, integration, for customers tailored.

Four, suitable for citrus, navel orange, apple, potatoes, onions and other round fruit and vegetable sorting processing, fruit cleaning and sorting equipment, orange grader, continuous fruit automatic cleaning screening machine

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