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400 type high flow air dryer

Process customization yes brand Liangcai water tank Stationary
control mode Electronic type Scope of application  Industry Action type Automatic type
Model 800 Computer automatic defrost yes Overflow stop yes
Applicable temperature / humidity range 10-60

The high flow air dryer is developed according to the situation that a large number of residual water droplets can not be packed immediately after the products are sterilized and packaged in the domestic food and pharmaceutical industry. The high strength air dryer is made of SUS304 high quality stainless steel, which can realize continuous operation, stepless speed regulation, stable operation, small size and high efficiency. The utility model is especially suitable for the products of hot water sterilization or steam sterilization, and the special equipment for removing the residual water drops, oil stains and scales on the surface of the packages in time after being sterilized can be directly packed.

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Zhucheng City Kai Liang Machinery is located in Zhucheng City in Shandong Province, the city north of Weifang, east of Qingdao, south of Rizhao, is well-known domestic food machinery production base. Our company introduction of foreign advanced technology, and in cooperation with the industry elite, in product development, technology improvement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of customer service training and maintenance etc. have strong technical force and perfect quality management system.

The company mainly produces Lu Lu brand meat processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, food sterilization equipment, washing dishes, basket washing equipment, food drying and drying equipment, breeding series and other food machinery.

The company has always adhered to the "customer as the" business philosophy, all for the sake of customers. We provide perfect design, production and service system for customers before, during and after the sale of products. A cooperation, expect forever; a communication, lifelong friend.

There is no best, only better, choose our life is our honor. Our company strive for better production technology, better quality control, better after-sales service for customers at home and abroad to provide better mechanical equipment. Let customers feel assured, so that customer satisfaction, so that customers do not worry about.

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