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Meat chopper

Process customization yes type Fish meat machine brand Liangcai
Model YCR-300 Voltage 380(V) Product use Fish picking
Scope of application Meat processing plant equipment, frozen food factory equipment, snack food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, Western food shop equipment, other Marketing Special Offer

Equipment profile

Fish flesh machine is a professional mechanical processing meat to pierce, because with the development of the market, people's life gradually cannot do without the fish life, whether at home, hotel, fish are the main food and leisure food are now some cannot do without fish processing fish mud. Preparation of fish flesh machine success to bring a lot of convenience in people's life, whether you do fish, fish paste and so only need a fish flesh machine can be achieved, for a large number of production and reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Two, use

The fish can be separated from fish bone, fish skin and fish tendon in the fish body, so as to improve the utilization ratio of raw material and save labor cost. Increase the economic value of low value fish. Exploitation of fish can be directly used for all kinds of surimi products: fish, fish, fish, fish dumplings and other products.

Three, the main structure and working principle:

This machine is mainly composed of a motor, scraper, tensioning device, transmission device, conveyor belt, fishbone discharging port, discharging port, surimi drum, fish feed port operations and other major departments.

Small fish or fish will dig directly after the investment, large fish need to head to tail, cut after the investment, after the low high density stainless steel sieve tube and the conveyor belt will be provided with a fish bone skin squeeze Lin tablets, extracting clean surimi, using the gearbox or reducer, large torque at low speed stable operation does not heat up, the machine adopts stainless steel production to meet the hygiene requirements, easy cleaning, high efficiency of extraction of surimi products, save manual collection of fish meat, fish meat to improve low economic value and labor saving take scraping fish complex, is an ideal equipment for processing meat products in coastal areas.

Four, the use of methods

1 、 connect the power supply and ground wire.

2, artificial fish to be processed first remove the head and remove the internal organs in the fish maw. To the fish, you need to dig the fish into two halves, and rinse, then to take the fish into the hopper (fish skin facing toward take part of bucket conveyor belt), fish enter the working roller in belt drive and conveyor belt extrusion zone. The separated fish in the conveyor belt and the operation between the roller extrusion under pressure, the fish are pressed into the work roller through the hole on the roller operation, followed by work roll scraper in the bucket again into the barrel of fish take particles to undertake slot scraping. The fish skin and fish bone are mounted on the machine scraper, from the bucket to fall down on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt into the fish separator at the bottom of the collection tank. The magnitude of the pressure between the conveyor and the barrel is regulated by the tensioning device of the conveyor belt located in the head. The amount of regulation varies according to the species of fish, and artificial regulation can be carried out in the production practice.

3, take the scraper for separating peripheral barrels and bones and so on surimi processing should be used when the blade tension knob will scraper blade tension, is the skin off the fish bones clean, fish processing to remove the head and viscera, must be greater than the two halves, skin close to the conveyor direction, so that meat will enter the skin and take the separation the barrel, do not put your hand into its internal processing

Five, maintenance methods:

1, in order to ensure the normal work of the machine, and extend its service life, in use to strengthen the maintenance work, after use, you should wipe the fish machine clean. And regularly on the transmission shaft with butter, and check the reducer oil level, if the oil level is too low, in time to fill the oil.

2, conveyor belt change: conveyor belt after long time use will appear longer or broken phenomenon, this is the need to replace the new conveyor belt. The tension balanced crankshaft removed, then the remaining three nylon rod axis and conveyor belt power shaft, the rubber conveyor belt into the machine in the wall, the power shaft installed on the conveyor belt, the other three nylon rod axis from top to bottom in turn installed, finally the tension balance of crankshaft install and debug tension.

technical parameter





















Belt thickness





Outside length of belt





roller diameter





roller length





Drum wall thickness





Mesh diameter










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After-sale service

1. after the installation of the equipment, your company designated the operator for free guidance training, so that it can master the operation of equipment and general maintenance.

In 2, the acceptance of the equipment on the date of delivery, to provide one year free warranty of products (including natural damage parts cost, except in the case of electrical components, the company personnel due to damage caused by improper operation of the consultation charge the appropriate fee). After the expiration of the warranty, our company provides a permanent warranty on products, only the appropriate cost, free labor costs.

3, in order to ensure that your company equipment to achieve the desired effect, but also in order to save my company's maintenance costs, during the warranty period to ensure that professional and technical personnel are regularly sent to the product repair and maintenance.

4, when the equipment failure, we received your notice, timely mobilization arrangements, rushed to the scene maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

About us

Zhucheng City Kai Liangcai machinery, located in Zhucheng City in Shandong Province, the production of food machinery, specializing in R & D and manufacture of meat processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing machinery and all kinds of stainless steel equipment, products are sold throughout the country, now has all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, can meet the needs of users at different levels.

The company's main products are: meat processing equipment, meat filling machine, slicing machine, chicken tendon machine, rolling machine, cutting machine, saline injection machine, stuffing machine, enema machine, vacuum and surface machine, Rice-meat dumplings line, fried, stewed, cleaning, pasteurization and set potato chips, French fries, pipeline processing equipment, vacuum frying machine, automatic frying machine, fruit and vegetable cleaning (peeling) cutting equipment, cleaning / peeling potatoes / slice / shredding equipment, washing machine and basket bag machine, bubble washing machine, brush cleaning machine, dried fruits and vegetables drying equipment, vegetable processing line, garlic processing complete sets of equipment, mixing equipment, chicken seasoning peeling line dozens of varieties. Business customers throughout the country, large and medium-sized cities, and exported to: the United States, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Korea, Russia, Egypt and other countries.

Company is R & D, manufacturing, production, sales as one, with comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the annual sales ranks among the best in the industry. Zhucheng City Kai Liang Machinery, the operating principle of good faith, to the "integrity-based, quality first, service" for the purpose. Do installation, debugging, after-sales service one-stop, to dispel the user's worries. People hand in hand with you!

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