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Brine preparation unit

Process customization yes type Brine preparation unit brand Liangcai
Voltage 380(V) Packing Wooden box Product use Stir
Scope of application Meat processing plant equipment, frozen food factory equipment, snack food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, Western food shop equipment, other Marketing Special Offer

It is made of stainless steel with beautiful design and easy cleaning.

After the high-speed rotation of the mixing head, mixed materials can not only fully, and has the function of shear,

You can put large particles cut into tiny particles, easy to dissolve.

I avoided the injection, the needle blocking problem.

It can improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers.


Outline size(mm)


Lifting capacity(kg)









 Shandong Zhucheng City Kai Liang Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in food processing machinery development, design, manufacture and sale of the company has strong technical strength, has a high-quality, highly intelligent technical personnel and staff, product development from design to production, strictly control quality, so that customers use the satisfactory products to provide users with high-quality, efficient customer service service, allowing users to worry about.

Our operating principle of good faith, with "sincerity oriented, quality win" for the purpose, adhere to the "pioneering, pragmatic, and trustworthy" spirit of enterprise, good company to every one as his friend, to help customers choose the most suitable products, and provide on-site technical service, solve the use of customers can not solve the problem and create more value for every customer.

Our company's products are rolling and kneading machine, cutting machine, stuffing machine, enema machine, meat grinder, saline injection machine, meat planing machine, machine beater, Rice-meat dumplings, fried machine, activated tenderizing machine, vacuum packaging machine, drying machine, pasteurization machine, cleaning machine, smoke oven, cooking pan

About receipt (please read carefully before purchase, mind carefully PAT)

Our goods are bulky machines, do not support 7 days, no reason to return. Large objects all send logistics (freight), small objects can choose express. Large items sent to the nearest customer's outlets, customers mention. After the arrival of goods quality problems such as non rejection of buyers, buyers bear the return shipping (directly deducted according to the actual delivery price, logistics) such as commodity quality problems, the buyer may reject the seller, free replacement, and bear the return freight. Because of the special nature of the goods, before delivery, we need to confirm the receipt on Taobao, we receive the payment notice, the logistics delivery can pick up the goods

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