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Turnover type air drying machine at normal temperature

Process customization yes type Water separator brand Liangcai
Model -8000 Voltage 380(V) power 8.8(kw)
Net weight 1500(kg) Outline size 8000*1000*1200(mm)  Product use The water droplets on the surface of the material are effectively removed, and the working time of labeling and packing is greatly shortened
 Scope of application Meat processing plant equipment, frozen food factory equipment, snack food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, Western food shop equipment, other Marketing New

Air dryer:

Good packaging bag drying machine rotary drying machine strong flow drying machine suitable for hot water or steam sterilization sterilization products after sterilization in timely package surface

Special equipment for removal of residual water and direct packing.

Good packaging bag drying machine rotary drying machine strong flow drying machine product performance:

FG series high flow water separator is suitable for hot water sterilization or steam sterilization products. After sterilization, the packing surface and residual water droplets can be removed in time, and can be directly packed in special equipment. Can be widely used in food, beverages, spices, dairy industry, medicine and other industries. It is especially suitable for bagged bean products and foam

Vegetables, pickled mustard tuber, pickles and so on

Good packing bag drying machine flip type air flow drying machine is the production line of strong domestic situation according to the food and pharmaceutical industry in the products after sterilization packaging has a lot of residual droplets can not immediately boxed rotogravuer. With the traditional drying water (hot air drying, hand wipe water removal) are compared, the equipment has the advantages of simple operation, convenient application (only connected to the power supply can be used), small volume, high removal rate (more than 98%), and the package surface without scale pollution, in addition to water directly after packing.

Good packing bag drying machine flip type air flow drying machine can achieve strong trunk continuous operation (with continuous sterilization machine) just after sterilization, the input conveyor belt, the strong wind drying equipment flow loading. Completely simplified the traditional production process. The production efficiency is improved, and the labor intensity of personnel is lightened.

Good packaging bag drying machine rotary wind route high current dry body adopts imported high quality stainless steel manufacturing, frequency control, smooth operation, small volume, high efficiency. Has been highly technical experts and users of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, fully comply with GMP, HACCP certification requirements.

Good packing bag drying machine flip type air flow drying machine features strong trunk:

1) the whole machine is made of stainless steel (except for electrical components). It is easy to clean and meet the relevant provisions of the state on food hygiene;

2) in order to ensure the temperature error is small, the use of Germany long Mao temperature sensor, and in the import and export of each installation one;

3) the tank made of 2mm stainless steel; stress by 4mm stainless steel; frame with 50 x 50 x 3 stainless steel tube production; thermal insulation outsourcing adopts 1mm stainless steel cover made of stainless steel; 1.2mm; the bearings and bearing seats are all made of stainless steel;

4) circulating pump with front filtering system (using triangular mesh filter), to prevent the tank to the pump and pump impurities in the sterilization (cooling) long time slot cycle; filter cleaning port with no disassembly tool, so cleaning is simple and convenient. In the front of the filter and circulating pump behind, respectively equipped with valves, in order to facilitate the filter cleaning and circulation pump maintenance process, will not let the whole tank water release, in order to reduce waste of resources.

5) conveyor belt reducer transmission system; equipment is arranged in the middle of the driving motor, and gear motor with pull and evacuation of the transmission, let network with the front and back sides of the awesome and operation, to ensure that the equipment network with long time not because of unilateral force operation, and reduce deflection deformation, tension, increase with net the service life

6) in order to ensure timely supply of steam, the use of the Japanese Mountain steam control valve;

7) insulation layer of 50mm thick, foaming design.

8) the Shenzhen Sanjing inverter, adjusting belt step speed, high accuracy;

9) the machine is equipped with (phi 108) cleaning hole, it can be used to extend the high-pressure water gun to the bottom of the equipment, so that it is convenient for cleaning and sanitation;

10) equipment chain corner all adopt chain wheel turn, reduce chain pulling force.

11) in order to prevent the product from sterilization, the product is not completely sterilized, the product is forced to be in the sterilizing trough to ensure the sterilization without dead ends, especially to improve the quality of products.

12) in order to facilitate the control of the whole set of equipment, the equipment is equipped with an independent control system. It is easy to operate and maintain, and is not easy to damp


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