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Basket washing machine

Process customization yes type Basket washing machine  brand Liangcai
Model 600 power 0(kw) Voltage 380(V)
Outline size 6000*2000*2500(mm)  Product use Cleaning basket plate  Net weight 500(kg)
Packing Wrapping film Scope of application Fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, frozen food plant equipment, snack food factory equipment, brewery equipment, Western food shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, tea restaurant equipment, coffee shop equipment Marketing New


A new generation of high efficiency energy-saving basket washing machine

This equipment is developed and manufactured by our company. It is a new type of basket washing machine. It has been well received by both new and old customers since it was introduced to the market. With good performance and higher efficiency, this product has been exported to more than ten countries overseas, and it is an indispensable new assistant for processing and manufacturing links.

First, equipment features

1 、 the conveyor part adopts SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt. It runs smoothly and has long service life and so on. It meets the requirements of food hygiene.

2 、 the transmission part adopts the speed reducing motor, so that the material cleaning time is adjustable.

3, four sections of cleaning, water can be recycled, saving energy sources. Each layer is equipped with a multi-layer filter to prevent nozzle clogging. With automatic water control device, to prevent water pump damage caused by lack of water.

4 、 the whole machine is made of stainless steel, SUS304 stainless steel.

5 Summary: This machine is open, by artificial feeding to spray cleaning machine by the conveyor chain track or connected with the automatic feeding, the lye spraying and hot water spray, and then water circulating spray disinfection, water spray. The four groups are independent, the external circulating water tank, the filter screen can be conveniently extracted. The circulation box is flushed and the inlet and outlet are operated manually.

6, motor power: 0.75KW, stepless speed regulation (Zhejiang, Wu Ma)

Lye, hot water, clear water, spray area, pump power: three units (south of Hangzhou)

7, equipment configuration: car body plate thickness 2.5mm, stent using 50*50*2mm square tube, shower tube 38mm

8, electrical components using CHINT electric, control box, stainless steel production.

9 、 besides the motor, pump and rubber, the equipment is made of stainless steel 304.

Product performance characteristics:

1., all stainless steel manufacturing, to meet national food hygiene regulations;

2., waterproof device settings, to avoid the wet environment and lead to electrical burn;

3., electrical equipment with overload protection, leakage protection, to ensure personal safety of operators;

4. frequency conversion speed regulation with high accuracy;

5., in order to make the washing water temperature reach the cleaning requirements, make the turnover box thoroughly cleaned, adopt the German long metallocene temperature sensor;

6., the whole machine is designed by spraying, which makes the cleaning process even and the product rate is high;

7. 、 automatic inlet and outlet function, automatic overflow device.

Company shop:

1. after the installation of the equipment, your company designated the operator for free guidance training, so that it can master the operation of equipment and general maintenance.

In 2, the acceptance of the equipment on the date of delivery, to provide one year free warranty of products (including natural damage parts cost, except in the case of electrical components, the company personnel due to damage caused by improper operation of the consultation charge the appropriate fee). After the expiration of the warranty, our company provides a permanent warranty on products, only the appropriate cost, free labor costs.

3, in order to ensure that your company equipment to achieve the desired effect, but also in order to save my company's maintenance costs, during the warranty period to ensure that professional and technical personnel are regularly sent to the product repair and maintenance.

4, when the equipment failure, we received your notice, timely mobilization arrangements, rushed to the scene maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Zhucheng City Kai Liangcai machinery, located in Zhucheng City in Shandong Province, the production of food machinery, specializing in R & D and manufacture of meat processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing machinery and all kinds of stainless steel equipment, products are sold throughout the country, now has all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, can meet the needs of users at different levels.

The company's main products are: meat processing equipment, meat filling machine, slicing machine, chicken tendon machine, rolling machine, cutting machine, saline injection machine, stuffing machine, enema machine, Rice-meat dumplings line, fried, stewed, cleaning, pasteurization and other complete production line, potato chips and French fries processing equipment, vacuum frying machine, automatic frying machine, fruit and vegetable cleaning (peeling) cutting equipment, cleaning / peeling potatoes / slice / shredding equipment, washing machine and basket bag machine, bubble washing machine, brush cleaning machine, dried fruits and vegetables drying equipment, vegetable processing line, garlic processing equipment, mix seasoning chicken peeling line equipment, such as dozens of varieties. Business customers throughout the country, large and medium-sized cities, and exported to: the United States, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Korea, Russia, Egypt and other countries.

Company is R & D, manufacturing, production, sales as one, with comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the annual sales ranks among the best in the industry. Zhucheng City Kai Liang Machinery, the operating principle of good faith, to the "integrity-based, quality first, service" for the purpose. Do installation, debugging, after-sales service one-stop, to dispel the user's worries. People hand in hand with you!

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