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Filling machine

Process customization yes type Meat product line brand Liangcai
Model SN-RD-TC Voltage 380(V) Net weight 250(kg)
Outline size 1800*600*1400(mm) Product use With meat roll pulling machine use, can replace the current operation by manual filling of meat rolls. Scope of application Meat processing plant equipment, frozen food factory equipment, snack food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, Western food shop equipment
Marketing New

Vertical filling machine

Size: 1735* mm, 340* 350

Meat mold: (phi 90, Phi 100, Phi 110, Phi 120) and other four basic forms of choice

Air pressure: 0.5Mpa

Bagging speed: adjustable (pressure)

Weight: 44kg

Diameter of packed bag: 80-120MM

Discharge length: 600MM

Production frequency: 10-12 times per minute

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Matters needing attention:       

1. Before using the machine, you must read the instructions carefully, especially the safety of the machine, so as to avoid the damage to the machine or the personnel.

2, regular inspection, confirm whether the machine is running properly, and prevent equipment may appear short-circuit or leakage, etc..

3. Lubricate the bearing regularly.

4, after work, should be promptly cleaned. When cleaning, should cut off the power supply, the electric control box pays attention to waterproof.

5, knife loading and unloading should pay attention to safety protection, to prevent cutting hands.

6, when sharpening, you can use a wrench to remove the knife, repeated grinding, in the process of grinding can not make the knife overheating, in order to prevent annealing.

TEL: 13562615538

Telephone: 0536-6095882

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Suitable scope: frozen meat butcher, small meat processing factory, food supply center, frozen food factory, Western-style food shop equipment, leisure food factory equipment, food shop, meat processing factory, food processing factory, central kitchen, restaurant etc.

Vegetables suitable range: vegetable processing plant, vegetable distribution center, fruit and vegetable food company,

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Zhucheng City Kai Liang Machinery Factory, located in the city of Shandong Province, the production of food machinery, professional equipment, broken ribs steak machine, filling machine, fascia machine, pasteurization line, strong flow drying machine, all kinds of fruit, jujube, root vegetables, seafood, vegetables and high pressure gas bubble cleaning line, the wind trunk, frozen, thawed, pre cooking cleaning line, halogen products cleaning line, washing bag line, vibration sieve, various types of washing machine basket, turnover box cleaning machine, meat processing equipment, rolling machine, high speed cutting and mixing machine, saline injection machine, meatballs molding machine, bag machine heart balls. Meatball machine, Rice-meat dumplings beater, fish flesh machine, fish meat strainer, Rice-meat dumplings molding cooking line, hydraulic enema machine, single and double line Lu Zha machine, quantitative vacuum filler, smoked furnace, stuffing machine, no flesh and bone residue Separator, frozen meat slicer, meat cutting machine, meat grinder, fish tofu machine, R & D and manufacturing of stainless steel and various auxiliary equipment, products are sold throughout the country, now has all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, can meet the needs of users at different levels.

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