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Brief introduction of the equipment          

Process customization yes type Other brand Liangcai
Model 1200 Voltage 380(V) Product use Continuous rolling, intermittent rolling, reversing the discharge
Scope of application Meat processing plant equipment, frozen food factory equipment, snack food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, Western food shop equipment, other Marketing New

Good vacuum roll kneading machine frequency vacuum roll kneading machine breath type vacuum roll kneading machine

Vacuum roll kneading machine is under vacuum condition, by using the principle of physical impact, let the meat turning up and down inside the cylinder, each hit, beat, to massage, pickled, make uniform absorption pickled meat, improve meat node force and product flexibility, by tumbling, massage can make the protein into flesh water soluble protein, easily absorbed by the body, and can make the additive (starch) and protein body mutual integration in order to achieve the meat tender, good taste, high rate of export. This machine has the lung breathing function, let the product expand in the drum, reduced the reciprocating movement, improved the flesh organization structure, enhanced the section effect.

Automatic vacuum roll kneading machine has a vacuum breathing roll kneading machine features, but also has the function of frequency conversion technology, so that the rolling speed is adjusted according to the process of arbitrary, the machine use safer, more convenient, more energy efficient. The machine is made of stainless steel, with compact structure, both ends of the roller are used for spinning type sealing structure, the largest increase in the drum beat space, so that the rolling effect of the product uniformity, low noise, reliable performance, the use of high efficiency.

1, manufacturers of genuine goods

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