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Kai people enterprise culture
First, the enterprise culture can promote the economic efficiency of enterprises.
As an advanced form of management function, the ultimate performance of enterprise culture should be reflected in its business performance.
Zhucheng City Kai Liangcai company has more than 40 kinds of products, the factory built in the industrial area of Zhucheng City, the success of the enterprise due to perfect enterprise culture. It stands out in three ways: first, every morning at 8 o'clock, all the employees of the company read the company's program, creed, seven spirits, and sing the company song together. Panasonic Corp seems to integrate all of our staff into one and enhance the mission of the enterprise. Second, under the premise of cultivating the overall enterprise culture, more attention should be paid to the cultivation of people. Kai Liang has a saying: good company is manufacturing talents, and manufacturing products. That is to say, if we do not train people, we can not have successful careers. The scale of the personnel training, to ensure that the new products to people around the world flocked to the Kai Everfount. Kai people's vision of understanding, is the embodiment of the modern enterprise culture, to provide staff development opportunities, retain talent, is the use of the ideas in the business, but also in line with modern values. Employee work not only means getting paid, but also hope that work can show the value of the workers themselves, show differences in society and keep pace with the times. Third, pay attention to the management of the rich cultural construction of enterprises, so that employees have a sense of freshness, so that more workers consciously accept the company's culture. At the end of each year, the company will mobilize the workers from top to bottom to bring forward the slogan of action for the following year, and then assemble them and be selected by the Propaganda Department of the company and the slogan Committee, and be approved and announced by the general manager. The company has a general slogan, and each division and branch has its own unique slogan. Once the slogan is put forward, the whole company acts under this slogan. The slogan itself reflects the company's values. Go to work according to the slogan of one heart and one mind in the efforts of all staff and support, the enterprises will thrive. It can be said that it is the combination of enterprise culture and enterprise management that promotes the success of the enterprise.
Two, enterprise harmonious culture is the booster to build a harmonious society.
The current construction of harmonious culture of enterprise, is the creation of a harmonious society and the requirements of the call of the times, the most important of the enterprise as a social subject, containing hundreds of millions of workers, is responsible for the creation of a harmonious society. The concept of harmony is the essence of China 5000 years of traditional culture, Confucius has proposed to benevolent governance of the world, expect people to rely on morality to restrain themselves, help others, industrious production, to create a rich harmonious society. Enterprises should be harmonious and culture should be advanced. To strengthen the concept of harmony, to establish advocating harmony and pursuing harmony oriented culture spirit and value idea, the ideological problems of harmonious, harmonious attitude to treat the problem, solve the problem in a harmonious way.
Companies allow employees to share the fruits of enterprise development, follow the principle of shared values, the concept of harmony based on that person's value is higher than the value; the organization value is higher than the individual value; the social interests above the interests of enterprises; the long-term interests are higher than short-term interest; internal constraint is higher than that of the external constraints. We should resolutely implement the "labor law" promulgated by the state, and do not break the law, so that employees can feel happy, live together in harmony, live and work in peace and contentment, and thus promote the construction of a harmonious society

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