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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to superimpose graphics, content or information onto the real world via your mobile device’s camera. This can be 2D data shown on the screen like a virtual ‘heads up display’, or 3D graphics which can be viewed as if they were in the real world.

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What's New?


We implemented augmented reality into the Land Securities London Portfolio iPad solution, to create a novel way to view and interact with their 3D building visualisations.  

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3D scanning

Our partners, Digicave, specialise in a unique 3D scanning technique using arrays of high-definition cameras and innovative software to re-create people and objects in 3D with un-paralelled fidelity and detail.

Coupled with augmented reality, this technology is the perfect way to bring a personality to life in 3D, or allow customers to explore products in an engaging way.

AR for marketing

Augmented reality applications are ideal for creating memorable and engaging experiences for marketing campaigns.

AR can be linked to printed graphics, to make brochures and posters come alive with 3D graphics, or changes images such as placing your own photo onto a magazine cover.

The possibilities of AR are endless, why not drop us a line to find out more?  

The future of augmented reality

Augmented reality is already seeding amazing experiences and gaining increasing adoption.  But the technology is still in it’s infancy.

Greater processing power in smartphones and tablets and more intelligent image-processing techniques will extend the capabilities of augmented reality in many ways.

New tehcnologies like Google Glasses promise further innovations and new applications.