A Monday morning production meeting turned to the mobile apps we couldn’t live without and as it’s almost the end of the year we thought we’d share our top five apps of 2012 with you. Interestingly, none of these apps were released in 2012 but all had significant overhauls or new releases. These are the ones that came out on top. Feel free to add or disagree in the comments below!

Nike+ running- New to Android this year but an app that is firmly on the phones of everyone in the Scribble office. Track your runs using the phone’s in-built GPS, compare your time and distance with previous runs and connect your account to your social network if you want to receive encouragement while you exercise. If we run (we should probably be using it more than we do!) then this is what we use. The 2012 update made for a much improved user experience with a movement away from header and footer navigation to engaging interface icons.  Inspiring, motivating and perfect for tracking progress and milestones.

Top five mobile apps from 2012

What are your top apps from 2012?

Draw Something- We’re not sure if anyone is still playing this but in terms of apps which shone in 2012- Draw Something would have to be up there. Now shedding users at a rate of knots, it had its peak back in April after it was bought by Zynga for £123million. The app had been downloaded over 50 million times in just 50 days. Zynga said those figures made it the “fastest selling” mobile game of all time. Enabling you to guess what your friends were drawing, for a short period this app was king in 2012 but let it be a sharp lesson in user behaviour.

RadioPlayer- Android version on the way. New slick design for 2012 with a choice of over 300 stations. Perfectly easy to use and save your favourite shows to listen to another time.

Flipboard- A beautiful magazine-style news reader app available on Android and iOS. Google Currents is giving Flipboard a run for its money after a revamp this year but it is still Flipboard, with its exceptional design and user experience which tops our countdown for newsreader apps. It became available for Android users in June and lost very little in translation from the iOS version. Easy to use, personalise and understand.

Evernote- Evernote gives users the ability to store everything that’s important or personal to them, and access it through almost any device. It can be anything from images, videos,  to dos, diary dates webpages and documents. What is brilliant from Evernotes point of view is that the more a user invests in using it and adding essentials from their life, the more the app is used. Draw Something…..take note!

Our tip for 2013- Business to Business and Enterprise apps. Productivity has featured hugely this year in the app store and employers and businesses are taking note. At Scribble we speak to clients every day looking to streamline their presentation materials in to an app or save their workforce time. This is going to be a huge area of growth in 2013. Nearly 75 percent of respondents to a Zenprise survey said mobile apps will be deployed in their organization within the next year. Perhaps the most telling figure is the huge 81 percent of respondents who promised custom mobile apps will be deployed in their business between now and this time next year.

Talk to us about your mobile plans for 2013 by calling 0845 871 8011 or emailing apps@scribbledigital.com. We love nothing better than hearing about an app idea and developing it or helping you embrace mobile as part of your 2013 plans.